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I still HAVE the product if You SEE the Advertisement. I do not ship or deliver. Face to Face Cash sale only. Pick up is at my house. MAP informs you where I am found. Call (NO TEXT MESSAGE) for precise address and to confirm a conference time. Click contact for email or telephone number (no text). Thank you.

I am clearing down my collection of photography devices used throughout the years for expert and home use. I am clearing out Tripods right here and any suitable accessory. The majority of are complete size tripods, one is Table Top, one is desktop mount and 2 are designed for fixed video cameras, flash systems, etc. and are also full size.

Goldcrest 773LS telescoping array 21 inches to 58 inches Horizontal and Vertical electronic camera mounting $25.
Ambico telescoping range 21 inches to 58 inches Vertical and horizontal electronic camera mounting with QUICK RELEASE $25.
Velbon VX-501 telescoping array 22 inches to 60 inches Vertical and horizontal cam mounting 3 way pinhead w friction control, pan, tilt, adjustable rubber feet $50.
Bogen 821 Video Tripod telescoping range 22 inches to 60 inches created for adding your choice of mount, fixed video camera, lighting, etc. $50.
Promaster 4600 Video Tripod telescoping variety 22 inches to 60 inches developed for including your choice of mount, stationary electronic camera, lighting, and so on $20.
UNIDENTIFIED BRAND Video Tripod with LEVEL telescoping array 22 inches to 60 inches created for adding your selection of mount, fixed video camera, lighting, etc. $20.
DESKTOP MOUNT American Made Tripod Horizontal and Vertical camera mounting with pan and tilt $10.
SHORT TRIPOD for Tabletop, tilt, pan, telescoping variety 12 inches to 24 inches $15.

UN TPD-8 Tripod Dolly Allows you to turn any tripod into a tripod on wheels. Perfect for swiftly moving your cam around or for shows or video with motion you can follow. $35.

Minette Monopod Made in Japan, three pound advised maximum, telescoping variety 33 inches to 60 inches $25.

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